​Blackhawk Plaza Museums

Conveniently located within the popular Blackhawk Plaza shopping center, the Blackhawk Plaza Museums provide a more educational opportunity for a family to spend the day amidst the surrounding entertainment of retail stores and movie theaters.

The Blackhawk Automotive Museum has an impressive display of about ninety classic cars including antiques and sports cars as well as luxury vehicles. Featured are historical treasures from pre-World War II as well as post-war automobiles. Specialty sports cars from the 1950s and 60s are also showcased and include several Ferraris and Alfa Romeos, among others. The museum prides itself on providing unique and rare vintage models to the public, including a 1924 Hispano-Suiza H6C that is paneled entirely of the pink-hued tulipwood. Historical treasures are often housed in the museum which once displayed former President John F. Kennedy’s 1962 limousine and also the very first Chinese-manufactured automobile to be imported to the United States, the Chinese Hongqi. The affiliation between the Blackhawk Automotive Museum and the Smithsonian Institute enables the museum to obtain some of these specialty vehicles for display.

The Blackhawk Spirit of the Old West Museum hosts the western collection of Jerry Fick. Fick’s grandmother was a full-blooded Lenni-Lenape, better known as a Delaware Indian. This ancestral heritage led to Fick’s passion for the history of the American Indian and the Old West. Fick began collecting Indian artifacts after first stumbling upon a spear head on his family’s farm. He has since expanded his collection to encompass other aspects of Western history, including artifacts from pioneers, cowboys, gunfighters and more. Fick’s collection spent 25 years on display at the Tecumseh Frontier Trading Post in historical Cody, Wyoming. Upon his retirement, he moved his artifacts to the Blackhawk Museum where their viewings are partnered with the opportunity to provide their educational history.

Knowledgeable docents are available for scheduled tours at the two museums to educate visitors about the history and details of both the classic cars and the Old West artifacts.

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