Local Student Creates T-Shirt Company

A junior student at Monte Vista High School, Casey Rickey, got into the printing business in early 2011 as an 11 year old, “I stumbled upon a community network on YouTube where graffiti artists would trade their hand-drawn graffiti stickers with one another. They’d upload videos of their ‘sticker packs’ once receiving them from the artist. I thought this was the coolest thing ever, so I began drawing stickers and trading them myself.” But Rickey noticed a gap in the community, no one offered high quality sticker printing catered specifically toward graffiti artists. So he hopped on his computer and began building a website.

Within a few weeks, using the community of YouTube followers he had gathered, Ricky started making a name for him for designing sticker prints for artists all over the world. From there, he expanded into pin-back buttons and vinyl decals, then in 2014, he put out his shingle for his printing company named Danville City Signs. Realizing the overall market was too big a hurdle to stand out, he decided to build a niche company, offering his screen printing services for schools exclusively.

Now called High School Ink, Rickey bought a new printing press - three times bigger than his old one - and eventually hopes to partner with an online t-shirt designer, so customers can check out his catalog online.

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