​Studio Grow

Studio Grow is an indoor play space where children under the age of 6 can drop in with their families for playtime and other child-friendly activities. Children can take advantage of the various educational programs that are designed to stimulate brain development and the advancement of cognitive skills.

Along with open playtime, Studio Grow offers more structured settings for kids to participate in throughout the day. Story Time incorporates the reading of children’s books along with the learning of fingerplay rhymes, while in Music Time children join the staff members in singing interactive songs. The Dance Party is a more physical activity where kids are taught moves to popular dances such as “The Hokey Pokey.” Parachute Time also uses exercise through various tumbling activities to teach basic balance and coordination. Studio Grow often invites in special performers to entertain the kids as well, including magicians, puppeteers, clowns, and animals.

Children are encouraged to express themselves freely through various creative outlets. Imaginations run wild as kids use Legos for building, dress up in costumes to play make-believe, or use crayons and paints for special art projects. Studio Grow takes great care in ensuring that all activities available to the children are developmentally appropriate for their respective ages and can be used as tools to prepare them for their future school days.

The vision for Studio Grow was to provide parents with fun activities for their children that were easily accessible. As a result, there are no membership fees or reservations required at Studio Grow. The charge of admission is good for the entire day and includes all of the special programs and activities. Frequent visitors to the play area get the advantage of discount packages for admission. Daily general admission is $5 for adults and $10 for children 12 and under.

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