Trapped in a Rumor Improv

Trapped in a Rumor Improv performs monthly at the Village Theatre located in Danville’s historic district. Known as the East Bay’s premiere improvisational troupe, they have been entertaining audiences with their off-the-cuff comedy since 2009. Their shows are completely unrehearsed and often rely on audience participation and suggestions to dictate their direction. This formula ensures no two shows are alike, although they all promise great comedy, high energy, and PG-13-rated humor.

Trapped in a Rumor’s cast of improvisational comedians share an abundance of talent that enables them to take any request or situation and turn it into pure hilarity. Those who have been to the show before will advise future attendees to shout out the craziest ideas they can come up with in order to get the most hysterical display of comedic talent imaginable.

The Trapped in a Rumor improv show is reminiscent of the former television series, “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?” in that the troupe uses a variety of games and skits as starting off points for their spontaneous brand of comedy. Also in the performance mix are impromptu musical numbers where the subject matter is provided by an audience member and the lyrics are completely unprepared. The comedian/singer makes the words up as they go, assuring a comical result.

Trapped in a Rumor’s convenient downtown location at the Village Theatre makes it a nice final stop after an evening of dinner and drinks at the various restaurants and bars in the vicinity.

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